Service price list



General workhour45.0042.75
Electrical workhour52.0049.40
Engine workhour52.0049.40
Reading error codes 30.0028.50
Chassis inspection 30.0028.50
Thorough pre-purchase inspection and test drive 84.0079.80
Tyre replacement  (4 tyres) passenger carfrom48.0045.60
Tyre replacement (4 tyres), van or SUVfrom62.0058.90
Dynamic oil replacement in automatic transmissionfrom 135.00128.25
Climate control system diagnostics and pressure check-upfrom 57.0054.15
Front axle inspection and adjustmentfrom 41.0038.95
Front and rear axle inspection and adjustmentfrom 63.0059.85
Replacement car rental Škoda Octavia manual (available only in Tallinn)3 hour15.0015.00
 24 hour25.0025.00


Tariff work is carried out at standard hours as prescribed by motor vehicle manufacturers.
Prices include VAT (20%).
We recommend that you request a quotation before ordering any work.
Please keep in mind the fact, that the actual scope of work and spare parts used may not conform precisely to the quotation as it could become evident during the course of work, that additional spare parts are necessary or work is required. Naturally, we will always try to coordinate all additional work and spare parts with the customer, if it becomes evident during the course of work, that extra work or parts are necessary.