Customer information

How to become a regular customer

For individual customers and for any companies which buy our products for their own use, we offer the opportunity to purchase a Forss customer card. For companies which are involved in car repair or spare parts sales and which wish to buy our products for resale purposes, we offer the option of signing a customer contract with us.

Individual customers: customer card information

Save money with a Forss customer card.

  • Discounts of 5-15% on all goods and services,
  • In addition, discounts are available on various products which are only available to cardholders. This means that the purchase of a customer card can pay for itself with the first purchase at the discounted price.
  • Discounts with Forss partners.

You can apply at any of our sales offices for a customer card by filling in the application form.

You will receive your card immediately, instantly valid for your first purchase. The cost of the card is 1 €. 


It is worth knowing that the following points:

  • The Forss customer card is not a means of payment
  • Present your customer card before paying for your purchase. If the customer card is presented after the purchase has been paid for, discounts may not be applied
  • If your card is lost or damaged, please report it to your nearest Forss office. The card will be cancelled and a new one will be issued to the customer
  • Any change of name, address, or other contact details should be reported in person to the nearest Forss office
  • After making your purchase, your Forss customer card belongs to you, the customer.

The Forss customer card is valid at the following locations:

  • Mooni Office, Mooni 30
  • Tähesaju Office, Tähesaju 7
  • Peetri Office, Allika tee 12, Peetri, Rae vald
  • Tartu Office, Aardla 23c, Tartu