Car wash price list

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Quick wash 
Soaking, pressure wash 

 8.00 7.60

Summer exterior wash
Soaking, shampoo, pressure wash, rim wash, tyre gloss,
rubber mat wash

 15.00 14.25

Winter exterior wash
Wintertime soaking, shampoo, pressure wash, rinse wax,
rim acid, tyre gloss, door edges, covering door seals with silicon,
rubber mat wash, drying 

 18.00 17.10

Thorough pitch removal
Complete removal of pitch stains, summer exterior wash 

 35.00 33.25

Quick interior cleaning
Vacuum cleaning on seats and foot mats
(additional charge for the boot – EUR 2.00) 

 9.00 8.55

Thorough interior cleaning
Vacuum cleaning for the passenger compartment and boot,
glass and vinyl surfaces cleaned with a special cleaning agent 

from20.00 19.00

Permanent waxing
Manual waxing (special strong water-resistant wax).
Includes previous pitch removal, and maintenance on
exterior plastic details and tyres

 75.00 71.25

Quick polish
Thorough pitch removal, polishing for painted or varnished surfaces with 
a special paste, and waxing

from90.00 85.55

Thorough polish
Thorough pitch removal, multi-stage polish on painted or varnished surfaces with 
special pastes, gloss treatment, permanent waxing 

 from 190.00  180.50

Leather seat clean
Leather seats cleaned and padding with a 
special cleaning agent

from 35.00  33.25

Leather interior creaming
Leather seats creamed and padding 

  35.00  33.25

Interior chemical clean
Includes chemical wet cleaning for seats (and also partially for leather parts cleaning), ceiling and padding using a special machine, and cleaning for vinyl surfaces (work 6 hours; we will take the vehicle for 24 hours; one seat EUR 15). The price depends on the levels of dirtiness in the interior.

 from 115.00 109.25

Polishing and laminating headlights
Polishing plastic headlights, and covering the headlights with a special 3M protection film (price per single headlight)

 from50.00 47.50 


In the case of SUVs, vans and estates, the price is 20 to 30% higher depending on the service in question.
Prices include VAT (20%).

The hand car wash is open between Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.